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October 23 2019

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October 22 2019

Keine rechtliche Schranke gegen Lohnraub | Telepolis

Ein Urteil des Bundesarbeitsgerichts zeigt die Grenzen des Rechtswegs und die Notwendigkeit von größerem gesellschaftlichem Druck

Seit 2014 hatten 7 rumänische Bauarbeiter, die an der Konstruktion des Nobel-Einkaufszentrums Mall of Berlin in der Nähe des Potsdamer Platzes beteiligt waren, mit Unterstützung der Basisgewerkschaft Freie Arbeiter Union um die Löhne gekämpft, um die sie geprellt wurden.

October 21 2019

Giant eggmass containing thousand of squids found in Norway
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Magic Wormhole

Get things from one computer to another, safely.

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What Huygens Saw On Titan - New Image Processing

mostly posting this because in the beginning you see the passage of earth and moon before the sun from cassini-huygen's perspective

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"EDIT (from bf): alright, I'm the asshole. You know, it wasn't even the people saying I was the asshole that convinced me so much as the people saying I wasn't. No way in hell do I want to hold the same opinion as some of you, so if you think I'm not TA then I definitely am. My girlfriend not wanting to remove body hair is not the same as me walking around without showering, "in stained shirts and greasy hair". Jesus. The amount of sexist pigs that personally reached out to assure me that I'm not TA and the Reddit commenters are comprised of libtards, cucks, feminazis, etc... man."

Tags: feminism
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Right now, as we’re anticipating the creation of AIs to serve our intimate needs, organise our diaries and care for us, and to do it all for free and without complaint, it’s easy to see how many designers might be more comfortable with those entities having the voices and faces of women.

Why do we give robots female names? Because we don’t want to consider their feelings

That moment when you read something and you realize that you knew it all along but you didn’t know that you knew it.

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